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Believe it or not, but thanks to the success of Brothers of Rock, I am now working on the THIRD part of the series, which is set to debut in 2015! But as I’m working on the outlines and the books, I realize that many dedicated readers out there may not have read Brothers of Rock or may not know how to read Brothers of Rock. This page right here fixes all that!

Thanks for the support and let’s keep Brothers of Rock rolling for years to come!

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The story of Brothers of Rock

The idea came to me one night while washing the dishes. I wanted to mix my love of music, writing, and romance all together. I wanted to write about a band and not only capture that rockstar life, but I wanted to capture the life of these men off the stage. How the function. How the fall in love. Their scars and flaws. And I wanted to give them a chance at romance and not just be rockstars but also be lovers.

I started to write what would become the Chasing Cross books with a simple goal. Each band member gets a book. There are five guys in Chasing CrossJohnnie, Davey, Danny, Chris, and Rick – and by the time the third book was published, I realized something.

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I wanted MORE. And better yet – so did the readers! So that’s where Fallen Tuesday came from. They are the second band featured in the Brothers of Rock series. Again, each band member gets a book. There are five members in Fallen TuesdayLuke, Gray, Trent, Jake, and Mack. By the end of 2014, all the Fallen Tuesday books will be available.

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Well, guess what? A couple books into the Fallen Tuesday books and myself and the readers wanted more! So that’s why Brothers of Rock WILL CONTINUE into 2015 with a *new band* and *five new books* following each band member!

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My favorite part of Brothers of Rock is that these books do *NOT* need to be read in order! They are stand alone novels that connect the band together. The only major differences in the series are the bands themselves. The Chasing Cross books feature those band members and Fallen Tuesday features theirs. (A fun side note… I wrote Fallen Tuesday into one of the Chasing Cross books! AND… I wrote the next band into the fourth Fallen Tuesday book, so you get a preview!)

So… if you’re new to Brothers of Rock, I am SOOOO excited for you! If you want to read in complete order of publication, check out the list below. But please keep in mind, there is no real order here. Just some awesome rockstar romance books!

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Chasing Cross books –

Fallen Tuesday books –

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I hope you will take the time to enjoy all the books in the Brothers of Rock series! I love hearing from readers so feel free to email me at to talk about the books and the bands and everything else.

I wanted to also say THANK YOU to anyone who has read Brothers of Rock. Without you reading and reviewing and writing me for more, this series wouldn’t be what it is today! This started as a cool idea while I was washing ketchup off a plate… and now I’m looking at my third year of writing this series! I’m so excited to finish the Fallen Tuesday books (WAIT UNTIL YOU READ MACK’S STORY!!!) and I can’t wait to bring the next band to life in 2015.

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