Escape the Noise (Gone by Autumn Book Three) (A Brothers of Rock Novel)



Escape the Noise (Gone by Autumn Book Three) (A Brothers of Rock Novel)

Gabe Anselle doesn’t really believe in memories, he lives for moments. He’d rather enjoy the parties, shows, tours, and one night stands and then forget them the next day, because the memories can’t hurt him that way…

When the band gets a rare break in touring, Gabe decides to hightail it to a place he hasn’t been in years. A place that means the world to him because it’s the where he fell in love with music.

Sabrina Penten is a hopeless romantic. Her want and desire for a real relationship often takes her down some dark and lonely roads. After being dumped by her current boyfriend, she takes what was supposed to be a sexy weekend away together and spends it alone… or at least she thought she was. The guy staying in the room next to her has a wicked smile and enough bad boy grit to make a good girl like Sabrina want to change her ways.

The weekend is short lived, but the feelings are not. When the opportunity to meet up comes again, Gabe can’t believe how excited he is to make memories with this beautiful woman… but when this damaged rockstar opens his heart up, his dark past threatens to ruin his bright future.



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