Under the Lights (Gone by Autumn Book Two) (A Brothers of Rock Novel)



Under the Lights (Gone by Autumn Book Two) (A Brothers of Rock Novel)

Tanner Ashwind maintains the rockstar lifestyle by following two very simple rules. First, Gone by Autumn is everything. Second, any woman lucky enough to share his bed never shares it twice.

It’s simple and it keeps him out of trouble… until the band agrees to hire a few backup singers.

Jules Sarren is desperate for a gig. Waitressing isn’t cutting it anymore, and the guilt she feels for leaving home is mounting. With nowhere else to go, the last place she expects to end up is singing backup for Gone by Autumn. When she finds herself escaping an unruly crowd with sexy guitarist, Tanner, holding her hand, she can’t imagine getting any luckier… until he doesn’t let her hand go…

Rules will be broken, confessions will be exposed, and the band will have to face their greatest challenge yet when Tanner’s feelings and secrets are uncovered. On the brink of destroying Gone by Autumn’s big break, can Tanner find peace in the band he loves or will he give it all up for the woman who made him break all his rules?



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