A Road to Let Go (Fallen Tuesday Book Four) (A Brothers of Rock Novel)



A Road to Let Go (Fallen Tuesday Book Four) (A Brothers of Rock Novel) 

There’s no easy way to put it as guitarist Jake Collins confesses to the band that an old fling – one who almost ruined the band – is now pregnant with his child. Fallen Tuesday is weeks away from an album launch and tour, and it leaves Jake looking for an exit… from everything.

Mel Burhden just wants to find her father and ask him why he left. Working two jobs and fighting her emotions on a daily basis, the last thing she expects to find is a sexy, half-naked rockstar in a hotel room she’s there to clean.

As Jake and Mel begin to confide in each other, their affection grows to depths beyond just physical. But will she be able to accept another woman in his life while Jake becomes the rockstar the world wants and the man Mel needs?



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