Dark Fall

DARK FALL (A Back Down Devil MC Romance Novel)


Kaity Parkner is on the run and the last person she expects to help her is a shady looking biker. Little does she know, her protection will cost her a bullet wound, a car explosion, and the fight of her life.

Erik thinks about taking his own life every single day he’s alive. The only thing stopping him is the determination to find the people responsible for the bombing that covered his face in hideous scars. When Erik begins digging around, the last person he expects to meet is a beautiful woman that he stupidly promises to protect.

From the first second Kaity looks at him, he can’t believe that she is looking at him… and not his scars. However, the club is Erik’s life and Kaity has been invited in, but her confession forces the club to put her trust to the test… Back Down Devil MC cannot afford to have a rat amongst them.

With no other choice, Kaity puts herself in the crosshairs of a major war.

Will her years of experience give the club enough time to find their answers or will unexpected secrets get them all killed?




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