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Preview of Gone by Autumn Book Five!

You’ve read Off the Record, Under the Lights, Escape the Noise, and Face the Music…  now it’s time to look to the *next* and *final* book in the Gone by Autumn Brothers of Rock series – CHASE THE ROAD!

First off – THANK YOU to everyone who helped to choose the cover. It was down to 4 and you picked the right one… at least in my opinion! Either way, those were 4 smokin’ hot covers, weren’t they?! :)

Also to note – if you haven’t started reading the Brothers of Rock series… WELL THEN… are you ready to rock?Did you know that 2015 is the 3rd year and 3rd band of the bestselling romance series? Check it out…

(2013) Chasing Cross:

  • All Access <— read for FREE!
  • Broken Sound
  • Bitter Farewell
  • Buried Notes
  • Last Song


(2014) Fallen Tuesday

  • A Voice to Love <— read for FREE!
  • A Song for Us
  • A Sound Like Hope
  • A Road to Let Go
  • A Time to Move On


Okay, let’s back to rocking here! You’ve read OFF THE RECORD (if you haven’t —> CLICK HERE!) and you’ve read UNDER THE LIGHTS (if you haven’t —> CLICK HERE!)  and you’ve read ESCAPE THE NOISE (if you haven’t —> CLICK HERE!) and you’ve read FACE THE MUSIC (if you haven’t —> CLICK HERE!) in which we met lead signer Ryan and guitarist Tanner and bassist Gabe and guitarist Asher… OMG, how can you choose just one to fall for?!

Ryan and Raine had a wild, passionate story that involved ‘reporting’ the truth… at all costs.

And Tanner ended up falling for a backup singer named Jules in his book. But that worked out, didn’t it? When love strikes, it just strikes!

Then Gabe has a couple WILD weekends with a brokenhearted woman and their connection is instant and HOT!

How about that sexy n’ wild Asher? MY GOSH… protecting Jocelyn, falling for her, stealing her heart, and becoming the hottest badboy rockstar like ever!

NOW… are you ready for the final Gone by Autumn book? THIS IS IT. Blake has been in love with Maya for years. And now it’s down to the wire with their hidden romance as life is changing… and fast… buckle up, readers! This is going to be a wild ride!


Chase the Music (Gone by Autumn Book Five) (A Brothers of Rock Novel)

The Brothers of Rock series continues with Gone by Autumn!


In the final Brothers of Rock Gone by Autumn book comes the wild and steamy story of drummer Blake and his longtime love, Maya. He’s kept a close eye on her heart for years. Gone by Autumn is gearing up to hit the road and Maya is with someone else, so Blake begins to wonder if his chance has passed.


Maya has convinced herself that she and Blake will never work and she now finds herself in a rocky relationship. She knows what she wants, but she knows, all too well, the risk of going after it.


Then with one phone call, Blake and Maya are thrust together… finally alone… finally able to reflect on the past. But will opening up old wounds close the door on their future? Blake has rocked millions of fans on stage, but there is only one person he wants in his audience for the rest of his life…


The book is ready to come in just a few days! BUT there’s great news! If you sign up for my mailing list you’ll be the first to know when FACE THE MUSIC is released. MORE than that… when you sign up RIGHT NOW, you get ALL the Brothers of Rock Chasing Cross books for FREE!!!!

HURRY and don’t miss out on a single Brothers of Rock book!



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