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Brothers of Rock is BACK!

I’m so happy to announce that Brothers of Rock and Fallen Tuesday is back! :)


This is bassist, Trent’s amazing story of an old flame and new romance… all the while Fallen Tuesday tries to wrap up their new album, get back on tour, and hope some old wounds don’t take the band down for good…


Fallen Tuesday is back, but now bassist Trent Jensen finds himself in a world of trouble. When a blast from the past pushes him over the edge, he can’t stop making bad choices. Although he manages to escape the media’s eye when bailing out of jail, it doesn’t take long for his past to get him into more trouble… this time in front of many cameras. Sick of Trent’s actions hurting the band, band manager, Frank, has a punishment in mind that will forever change Trent’s life.

Emily Unther has had the worst year of her life. After months of watching her sister, Amelia’s health deteriorate, Amelia passed away. And suddenly Emily became a mom to her ten year old nephew, Nicholas, who hates her. He has made it a daily chore to get into trouble and rack up lawyer’s fees. He is angry, hurt, and lives with the hope that his father will return soon. He spends most of his time on his skateboard, away from the world. After Nicholas takes things too far, a compassionate judge decides to give him one last chance, but only if Nicholas follows a mentoring program that will allow him to meet someone who understands his situation and can hopefully help him heal.

Trent knows that this is the only way to fix his broken image. The publicity will be good for himself, the band, and their upcoming album release. However, the moment he meets Nicholas and Emily, he can only focus on helping them. Now with Fallen Tuesday preparing for the biggest show of their career, Trent must find away to forget the past, fix the present, and discover his future.

Will Trent’s past ruin the band, like it almost did years ago, or will he be able to finally let it all go?


  1. Tammi Hammond says:

    ALL of the ‘Brothers of Rock’ books are AMAZING!! I just found out about them within the last week and within 4 days had read all of them; from ‘All Access’ to ‘Sounds like Hope’. I can not wait for the next books in the series! Thank you for writing such a heart-warming series.

  2. Christa W says:

    Karolyn you are an amazing writer. I absolutely love this series. Once I start reading your books I cannot put them down. I just finished reading about Jake’s story and I am dying to finally hear what is up with Mack. I am eagerly awaiting your next novel in the Fallen Tuesday series.

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